"In this way I understood Painting after thirty years of trials and experiments, by giving up doing it with my paints and brushes, and by fixing the most that It allows in the short time given me, because Painting is fickle and does not want to be bored."

Teodoro Wolf Ferrari, Betulle, 1913, Collezione Coin
At the end of the nineteenth century, when the Venetian painting tradition was undergoing a radical change, Teodoro Wolf Ferrari was establishing himself on the art scene as an experimenter, an admirable interpreter of northern European experiences. In his works naturalistic facts were transformed into a poetic display: the paint was at times applied with precision and in small touches, at others with sure and speedy brushstrokes, using warm tones of brown and orange and cool tones in various gradations of green, so offering a representation of great effect, one that could arouse emotions, and revealing the landscape and its variations with extreme lyricism.

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Teodoro Wolf Ferrari, Paesaggio. Betulle e glicini, 1919, Collezione privata

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